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Amission Criteria

Entry Test Model Paper Class 7th

Paper English 

Time 2hr

Total Marks: 100


  • Attempt all the question.
  • Please return question paper with the answer script.
  • Do not erase or cut any word.

Q No.1: Write an essay of 100 words on any one of the following topics (20)
  • Our Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • My Teacher
  • My Hobby

Q No.2: Write an application asking three days leave on your brother’s marriage. (10)

Q No.3: Write the plural of the nouns given below.
City, Roof, Bus, Women, Knife.

Q No.4: Change the following sentences into negative. (20)
  • He likes to go to school.
  • They are working in the field.
  • We went to see our friend last week.
  • He had completed his home work.
  • He has written an essay.

Q No.5: Write the following words in sentences of your own.
Week, Able, Beat, Tear, Lesson

Q No.6: Define adverb and write the three main kinds of it, giving examples. (10)

Q No.7: Translate the following into English. (20)