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Amission Criteria

Entry Test Model Paper Class 7th

Paper Mathematics 

Time 2hr

Total Marks: 100


  • Please return question paper with the answer sheet.
  • Attempt all question, calculator is not allowed.

Q No.1: Solve the following. (20)
  • If length = 15 cm, breadth = 7 cm and height = 6 cm then find the volume of cuboids.
  • Draw a line segment 7 cm and bisect it.
  • State the difference between parallelogram and trapezium.
  • Find the LCM of 98,315,585 and 416.
Q No.2: Fill in the blanks. (30)
  • H.C.F of 35,420 and 245 is __________________
  • Decimal Number of 9 is ____________________
  • 3+3x3=________________
  • The sum of two angles of a triangle is less than _____________
  • Every diameter of a circle is also a ________________
  • In rhombus __________ angle is a right angle.
  • X+3>5 is ______________ sentence.
  • If x=6, than x(3)+2x+3=____________________
  • If 2x-10 = 6, then x=________________
  • If 20 : x :: 25:15, then x=____________

Q No.3: Three partners in a trading firm, invest Rs:30,000/-, Rs:55,000/- and Rs:40,000/- respectively. If the whole profit is Rs:16,800/- find profit of each. (10)

Q No.4: The average score of three players in a first class cricket match was 36 runs. If the average score of two players is 37 runs, find the score of third player. (10)

Q No.5: Measure of the angel of a triangle is proportional to the numbers, 1,3,4: Find measure of each angle. (10)

Q No.6: Construct any obtuse – angled triangle. Draw the right bisectors of its sides. (10)

Q No.7: Weight of one cubic centimeter of water is one gram. How much water a container, 35 cm long, 15 cm wide and 8 cm high would contain in it. (10)