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Amission Criteria

Entry Test Model Paper Class 7th

Appendix "B"


Marks: 100

A – Arithmetic
  • Fractions Vulgar and Decimal & Decimal & Recurring Decimal.
  • Percentage Zakat.
  • Average.
  • Ratio and Proportion.
  • Profit and Loss.
  • Square Root.
B – Sets
  • Definition and representation of Sets.
  • Kinds of Sets. Intersection and union of Sets, Venn Diagrams.
C – Algebra
  • Substitution.
  • Operation with Algebraic Expressions, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, their properties and use of brackets.
  • Algebraic Sentences.
  • Equations-Properties and solution.
D – Geometry
  • Definition of simple geometrical terms.
  • Construction and bisection of angles (with compass).
  • Division of the segment into given numbers of parts.
  • To draw perpendicular to a line from a point outside or on it.
  • To draw parallel lines.
  • Construction of triangle, square, parallelogram etc.
  • Area of rectangle, square, circle etc.
  • Surface of cylinder cone etc.
  • Volume of cube, cuboids, cylinder and cone etc.