Respectable Parents/Guardians/Cadets
Administration of CCCSS and staff wish for the sound health of the nation. Due to CORONA VIRUS all cadets are advised to stay at home. They will not go outside the home at any cast. For the academic liabilities of the cadets is required that:
All cadets of class 8th (10th entry) are advised to go through the first three chapters of each subject from the books of Punjab text book board class.
All cadets of new 9th and 10th will also go through the first three chapters of each subject. Old 9th class is advised to revise the entire course again and again for board examination.
Cadets of college sections will prepare themselves for the upcoming exams from full syllabus.
Parents and cadets can contact following faculty members for instructions and help. All faculty members are ready to assist from 8 am to 3 pm. After this time feel no hesitation to call.
Faculty Members Contact no.
Mr.sajjad 0343-7942984
Mr.Munir 0333-6200969
Mr.Yousaf 0346-6564763
Mr.Asif 0302-7340506
Mr.Aziz 0345-0550021
Mr.Ibrahim 0346-7677780
Mr.Jameel 0334-8443342
Mr.Aurangzaib 0346-1498893
Mr.Saad 0333-5795677

Furthermore cadets can take assistance from(, online app)

May God bless all with his supreme and ultimate protection.