M.Sc (Distinction) Malakand University M.Phil (Field of Specialization Inequalities) Peshawar University.B.ed regular from Virtual University


Head of Department




    • 1. New Refinements of Jensen-Mercer’s Inequality; Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nano Sciences American Scientific publishers (Vol. 12, 1-8, 2015) (Published)
    • 2. Viscoelastic MHD Nano fluid Thin Film Flow over an Unsteady Vertical Stretching Sheet with Entropy generation; Processes; Published 6 May 2019.
    • 3. Significance of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on the dynamics of MHD cross Nano fluid over a stratified Darcy-Forchheimer porous surface of a paraboloid of revolution subjected to entropy generation; International Communication in Heat and Mass Transfer (2022, Volume 139, pages 106464).(Published)
    • 4. Statistical and Entropy optimization modeling for radioactive hybrid Nano fluid flow with Hal effect over exponential stretching/shrinking plate (Published International Journal of Thermo fluids June 20, 2023 100398)
    • 5. Entropy generation analysis on Darcy-Forchheimer Maxwell-nanofluid flow past a porous stretching sheet with threshold-Non-Fourier heat flux model and Joule heating (Submitted toCase Studies in Thermal Engineering)
    • 6. Optimization of response and sensitive analysis on bio magnetic Blood Carreaunanofluid flow in stenotic artery with Motile Gyrotactic Microorganisms(Submitted to Alexandria Engineering Journal)